We are ConceptUV, a leading company providing solutions in wood surface painting systems. Our products are designed to meet the needs of customers in various sectors. For example, wood furniture manufacturers and wooden door makers can complete their painting and coating processes more quickly and effectively thanks to UV technology. In addition, painting and coating of wooden structural elements in the construction sector are also carried out using UV technology. The use of UV products in these sectors increases the durability of the products and improves production efficiency. ConceptUV's wood surface painting systems products are designed to meet the needs of users in these sectors and are increasingly important in their respective industries.

Double Roller Coater

The Concept UV Double Roller Coater, equipped with two cylinders and UV light drying unit,

EcoJel-Flash Off Unit

EcoJel Flash-Off is a product used in wood surface painting processes, which enables the solvents

Roller Coater

The machines are equipped with a roller system for applying primer and UV lacquer on

Paste Application Unit

The Paste Spreading Unit is an industrial coating unit designed for application on wooden surfaces

Primer Application Unit

Primer application units are roller systems for applying primer and UV lacquer on flat surfaces.

Concept UV

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