Industrial UV Solutions

We increase your production capacity by accelerating your production processes with our sustainable and innovative UV lines.

We not only provide energy and cost savings with our UV solutions, but also enhance the quality of your products. In addition, we use environmentally friendly materials and minimize waste to help you achieve your sustainability goals. As a result, we optimize your production processes and minimize your impact on the environment, leaving a cleaner world for future generations.

Watch our sustainable solutions that add speed and value to your production.

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We produce UV technologies.

Innovation and Technology

We strive to offer innovative solutions by utilizing the latest technologies in line with the constantly evolving and changing world. Thus, we establish a strong foundation for the sustainable success of our clients by providing high-quality and customized services.

Application Areas

We offer industrial solutions for various application areas such as Printing Industry, Automotive Industry, Medical Industry, Electronic Industry, Wood Industry, and more

High Quality Standards

Our customers' safety and satisfaction are important to us. Therefore, we manufacture all of our machines in compliance with the quality and safety regulations of the European Union.

We’re a technology producing company of Türkiye.

UV curing is the process of using ultraviolet radiation to harden or dry a material. This process is used in many industrial applications and is a fast, effective, and environmentally friendly solution.

UV curing has several advantages over other curing or drying methods. These advantages include high speed, low energy consumption, environmentally friendly process, high-quality results, and short drying time. Additionally, UV curing minimizes damage to materials during the curing or drying process and increases the lifespan of the materials.

UV curing is suitable for many materials, including wood, plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, varnish, ink, and paint, among many others.

UV radiation can be harmful to human health when exposed to high doses. UVC radiation, in particular, can cause burns on the skin and irritate the eyes. However, ConceptUV machines designed for industrial use are designed to avoid contact with humans and are produced in accordance with industrial safety standards.

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