Product Family

UV Lamps

UV lamps used in industrial machinery accelerate various surface treatment processes by producing high energy

Primer Application Unit

Primer application units are roller systems for applying primer and UV lacquer on flat surfaces.

Paste Application Unit

The Paste Spreading Unit is an industrial coating unit designed for application on wooden surfaces

Panelling Pattern Line

The ConceptUV PVC Panelling Pattern Line is an extremely important tool for creating patterns on

Roller Coater

The machines are equipped with a roller system for applying primer and UV lacquer on

Edge Banding Line

The ConceptUV Edge Band Painting Line is a unit used to paint high-quality and durable


UV Excimer units are designed for processing surfaces using Excimer rays, which have a different

EcoJel-Flash Off Unit

EcoJel Flash-Off is a product used in wood surface painting processes, which enables the solvents

Glass Roller Coater

Glass Roller Coater is a specially designed unit for painting glass surfaces. With high precision

UV Dryer

UV Drying units are specially designed to dry UV-based fillers, primers, paints, and varnishes used

Concept UV

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