Panelling Pattern Line

The ConceptUV PVC Panelling Pattern Line is an extremely important tool for creating patterns on PVC panelling materials. Using UV technology, it performs high-quality and durable patterning process and increases the longevity of the material. Our PVC panelling design line, customized according to the needs of our customers, maintains our leading position in the industry.

The PVC Panelling Pattern Line is designed to create patterns for decorative panels used in both indoor and outdoor environments, especially in the construction sector. This unit can create any pattern of PVC panelling materials with high precision and accuracy levels.

Using UV technology, the PVC Panelling Pattern Line ensures rapid drying of PVC panelling materials and performs high-quality and durable pattern-making processes. Additionally, it ensures that the 

material’s patterns are created accurately and homogeneously, thereby enhancing the material’s durability and longevity.

At ConceptUV, we customize the PVC Panelling Pattern Line to meet our customers’ needs. This unit can be made suitable for different sizes and types of PVC panelling materials. We provide our customers with high-quality and customized solutions.

Concept UV

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